Alliance Machine and Fabrication
Alliance Machine and Fabrication has been in business since 2009, specializing in small to large part production. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, precision CNC machining (milling, turning, boring, drilling, tapping, and hard-turning,) fixturing, fabricating, and assembly. We work to your drawings and requirements. Alliance Machine and Fabrication will utilize our diverse and extensive manufacturing, quality programs, and knowledgeable team of machinists to deliver your components and assemblies on time and to your specifications.
Machine Shop
  1. About Our Company
    -In Middle Tennessee since 2009- -Over 20+ years machining experience- -Honest and reasonable estimates-
  2. Types of Work Currently in Progress
    Machine single parts Machine and fabricate precision components for assembly Welding Capability - Steel and Stainless
  3. What We Can Do For You
    Competitive Prices Quality Parts Free Quotes/Estimates Small or Large Parts/Projects AutoCAD drawing
  4. Equipment
    2016 HAAS ST 25 Lathe 2015 HAAS VF3 Mill 2017 HAAS VF2 Mill MasterCAM and OneCNC
  5. Materials We Work With
    Steel Copper Aluminum Plastics Nylon Phenolic
  6. Employment Opportunities
    Currently there are no positions available.
2015 HAAS VF3 Mill
X=40" Y=20" Z=25"
2016 HAAS ST25 Lathe
Chuck Size: 10"
Bar Capacity: 3"
Turning Length: 21"
2017 HAAS VF2
X=30 Y=20 Z=15
Jet 16x60 Lathe
Birmingham Mill
Supermax Horizontal
Other General Machine Equipment

Mig Welding - Steel & Stainless

Mastercam Mill and Lathe

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